Meet The HOA Gurus
We’re dedicated to making life easier and more enjoyable for those involved in homeowners associations
At HOA Guru, we're not just another faceless corporation. We are real people with a genuine vested interest in your success...because we are the creators. Unlike impersonal large software corporations, we are passionate about making your life easier. With HOA Guru, managing your HOA becomes effortless and efficient with our all-in-one software platform and customer service that allows you to speak to an actual human, leading to happier homeowners and more time for you to enjoy the community you serve.
Meet Guru Michael
Software Guru
Driven by the firsthand frustrations experienced by a client managing a 328-home HOA, our founder and CEO, Michael, embarked on a mission to revolutionize HOA management. Recognizing the inefficiencies in existing tools and systems, Michael meticulously designed HOA Guru to address the complexities and challenges faced by HOA board members (at an affordable price!)
Meet Guru Kelly
Marketing Guru
Kelly brings over 20 years of marketing expertise to the table. And, as the daughter of a long-time HOA treasurer, she witnessed firsthand the time-consuming struggles of managing yearly dues. With a passion for healthy living and work-life balance, Kelly believes that HOA Guru can empower HOA managers to regain control of the chaos that can result from managing an HOA and find balance in their life.
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